Product Testing

At Nu Vue Lighting we stand firmly behind our products and go to great lengths to maintain our reputation for unmatched quality and superior performance, on which our customers have come to rely.  We conduct thorough testing, both internally and through independent laboratories, to ensure our products meet and exceed all industry standards and requirements.

LM-79 and LM-80

Our LED lamps are tested at independent testing facilities in accordance with the LM-79-08 and LM-80-08 testing standards for LED fixture and LED device testing set forth by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA).  We use an independent laboratory to ensure complete accuracy and strict adherence to continuously-changing testing and certification requirements.  This also enables us to focus our efforts and resources where we feel they are better spent, on product development and innovation.


UL is an independent product safety testing and certification organization.  It has been testing products for over a century and is widely accepted as the identifying mark for products that meet public safety standards.  The vast majority of our Induction and LED products are UL certified and we are continuously submitting new products for UL testing and certification.

Internal Quality Assurance Testing

All of our LED lamps undergo rigorous testing in our state-of-the art production facility.  The following quality assurance process is done on each LED lamp to ensure proper functionally and performance before the lamp ever reaches a customer:

  1. An Initial Quality Control (IQC) inspection is conducted on all lamp components upon their arrival to our manufacturing facility.
  2. Lamps are assembled and, upon removal from production line, tested individually to ensure proper functionality.
  3. The lamps are then removed from the production floor and taken to our Aging Room, where they undergo the following:
    1. a) Burn-in testing for 8-36 hours (depending on lamp type)
    2. b) Temperature cycle variation tests
    3. c) Automatic shut-down/ turn-on testing
  4. After burn-in, the lamps move on to the packing line, where each lamp undergoes another round of power on/off testing before being boxed and packaged for shipment.
  5. After packaging, our Quality Control Department does one final inspection based on AQL 0.65 level II standard before allowing shipment of the lamps.

Please contact your local Nu Vue distributor or sales representative for further information on our testing efforts or to request copies of test reports.